Workers are the major driving force of our garment industries. Recent studies suggest that 60% of these garment workers are women in Bangladesh. In order to protect all these workers from safety and health hazards and to safeguard rights with regard to ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, the RSC regularly inspects its covered factories, delivers safety training to the factory Safety Committees and provides workers and their representatives with access to its unique Occupational Safety and Health Complaints Mechanism. Empowering workers by addressing their safety concerns leads to a better working environment at RSC-covered factories.

The RSC works with its partners to protect the right of workers at RSC-covered factories to:

  • Refuse unsafe work
  • Participate in the work of their factory Safety Committee
  • File a complaint when they see a safety problem in their factory
  • Not be retaliated against for reporting safety-related matters
  • Freedom of Association in relation to protecting their own safety

Details on the RSC’s Safety Committee and Safety Training Programme (SCST) and the Occupational Safety and Health Complaints Mechanism are available at the links below.