Safety Remediation Progress
Safety Remediation Progress
30 Apr 2023

Progress & completion rates of safety remediation at RSC-covered factories:

  • The Total number of factories covered by the RSC is 1,883.
  • Among these 1,701 factories are inspected and 182 newly enlisted factories still to receive initial inspection.
  • 91.32% initial remediation progress, overall including structure, electrical, and fire.
  • 515 factories completed the initial remediation.
  • >90% initial remediation at 1,317 factories (802 factories excluding those that completed the initial remediation).
  • 89.65% of covered factories received their Fire Alarm and Detection System design approval as part of the remediation plan.
  • 85.93% of covered factories received their Fire Suppression System design approval as part of the remediation plan.
  • 78.7% of factories completed structural remediation based on an Engineering Assessment as part of the remediation plan.

Remediation progress of safety issues identified during initial inspections (as of April 2023)

The following graph corresponds to the status of the overall initial progress rate from April 2022 to April 2023. It is mentioned that the overall progress rate might fluctuate depending on the number of factories being covered, the inspection outcomes and updates received from factories.

Status of initial remediation at RSC-covered factories (as of April 2023)

The following graph shows the status of the current remediation progress of initial findings in the RSC-covered factories (as of April 2023). Currently, the RSC is working with 1,883 factories. However, out of the total covered factories, 1,701 factories have been inspected during the reporting period. The rest of the factories (182) are yet to be inspected. Among the 1,701 factories, a total of 515 have completed 100% remediation.

The following charts below provide an overview of the status of inspection findings that are reported in the published Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).

In progress: This is the default status for an inspection finding. It means that remediation of the inspection finding is underway.
Pending verification: The RSC has been informed that the finding has been corrected but the RSC engineers are yet to verify this.
Corrected: The finding has been verified as corrected by the RSC engineers through their follow-up verification visits.

Progress rate (%) by discipline

Initial findings progress charts by discipline (as of April 2023)

The charts below represent Follow-up Findings progress by disciplines as of (April 2023)