Safety Remediation Progress
Safety Remediation Progress

Progress & completion rates of safety remediation at RSC-covered factories.

  • 92.70% initial remediation progress

  • 369 factories completed the initial remediation

  • >90% initial remediation at 1,274 factories (905 factories excl. those that completed the initial remediation)

  • 1,286 factories yet to have their Fire Alarm and Detection System verified as installed to standard

  • 1,095 factories yet to have their Fire Suppression System verified as fully functional and installed to standard

  • 354 factories yet to complete structural remediation based on an Engineering Assessment

Remediation progress of safety issues identified during initial inspections

Status of Initial Remediation at RSC factories

The two diagrams below provide an overview of the status of inspection findings that are reported in the published Corrective Action Plans.

In progress: This is the default status for an inspection finding. It means that remediation of the inspection finding is underway.

Pending verification: The RSC has been informed that the finding has been corrected but the RSC engineers are yet to verify this.

Corrected: The finding has been verified as corrected by the RSC engineers through their follow-up verification visits.