Update of RSC Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme
Update of RSC Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme
31 Jan 2023

Key functions of the Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme

Facilitation of Safety Training
The RSC Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme currently consists of 8 training modules conducted through 8 sessions for the members of factory Safety Committee. The training sessions address the Safety Committee’s role in identification and remediation of safety and health hazards, how to handle safety and health related complaints and improve communication and joint problem-solving skills. One of the important areas of the training programme is to educate workers and management on the rights and entitlements related to Freedom of Association in relation to protecting their own safety.

As part of the training programme, the factory Safety Committee together with the RSC OSH Facilitator conduct WALK-THROUGH (WT) of the factory to identify actual or any potential safety and health hazards. The factory Safety Committee monitor and negotiate with management on the remediation of the safety issues identified during the WTs.

3 All Employee Meetings
During All Employee Meetings at the factory premises, practical information related to role of safety committee, safe evacuation in case of emergency, common health and safety hazards identification including sexual harassment and workplace violence are shared with all the workers and members of the management. The RSC developed and designed tailor-made information and communication materials on a wide range of occupational safety and health hazards with guidelines on complaints reporting mechanisms. These materials are distributed during the course of the All Employee Meetings among the participants. You can read the RSC information materials by clicking the links below: -

Booklet for workers I

Booklet for workers II

Booklet for workers III

A factory receives a Letter of Acknowledgement (LoA) from RSC after participating all the activities designed under the Safety Committee and Safety Training (SCST) Programme

Ongoing Support

To ensure that the Safety Committees are meeting their obligations on factory level safety, the Committees are provided with additional support such as the facilitation of the regular meetings and any other any other ad-hoc basis activities like walk-throughs, coordination with RSC inspection team and Safety committee of the factory ahead of any inspection, collect first information report from the Safety Committee members and conduct investigation immediately after any accidents/incidents takes place at any factory.

RSC SCST Programme at a glance

SCST Programme Features (As of January 2023)
Ongoing the Safety Committee Training Sessions 317
Yet to commence the Safety Committee Training Sessions 275
SCST Sessions were conducted 10893
Remote SCST sessions 7354
On-field SCST sessions 3539
Walk Through were conducted 5161
Remote WALK-THROUGH sessions 2277
SCST Sessions were conducted 10893
On-field walk-through sessions 2884
On-field walk-through sessions 2884
Factories received a Letter of Acknowledgement 1223
No. of workers are informed about workplace safety through All Employee Meetings and Informational Sessions 2020780
No. of factories Completed Safety Training for the Safety Committee 1243